Project Description

To support the NCDOT’s disaster recovery operations, Summit’s team responsibilities included emergency response and recovery planning, emergency operations support, damaged site identification and documentation, debris-related operations, reimbursement documentation creation and compilation, and event reporting and tracking. Personnel needed for this contract included a proposal engineer, an assessment technician/damage inspector, a GIS technician, debris monitors, a debris monitor supervisor, and an engineering supervisor.

As part of a Limited Services Contract for the NCDOT, our maintenance management team’s scope of work included:

  • FEMA Compliance Monitoring and Auditing
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Debris Removal Monitoring
  • Disaster Recovery Data and Accounting
  • Truck Verification/Certification
  • Load Ticket Certification

Project Details

Project Size

Varied by Event

Project Location

Statewide, NC

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Services We Provided

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