Service Overview

Communities rely on strong infrastructure to provide their foundation. We provide the coatings needed to make that foundation a reality. 

Summit believes that structures should be built to last. That’s why our team of NACE, SSPC, and AAMP-certified coatings professionals are dedicated to providing our clients with modern, high-quality industrial coatings services that significantly improve the longevity of their projects.   

Our industrial coatings specialists are highly trained with unique certifications that few others possess. This includes the SSPC Protective Coating Specialist (PCS) certification, the highest achievement a coatings specialist can earn. Our services have had us working with public and private sector clients all over the country, ensuring that their infrastructure is safe and long-lasting. We can work on various materials, including multiple kinds of steel or concrete, to improve transportation structures so they can continue serving communities safely and effectively. 

Our Industrial Coatings Services  

Coating design helps our clients solve their unique infrastructure problems with high-performance coating systems. These coatings can be used for a variety of issues, which include:  

  • Color retention   
  • Flexibility and elasticity   
  • Waterproofing   
  • Water shedding   
  • Breathability (permeable)   
  • Corrosion containment and prevention   
  • Self-cleaning   
  • Anti-microbial   
  • And more  

Our team is uniquely suited to helping our clients understand the relationship between the cost of different coating systems and the expected service life of those systems. The inspections we conduct will help us find the best industrial coating for our client’s needs, keeping their projects functional for longer and saving them both money and time. 


  • Specification Writing
  • Plan Reviews
  • Submittal Reviews
  • Failure Analysis
  • QA/QC Inspection
  • In-Service Inspection
  • Coatings Lifecycle Analysis
  • Preventative Maintenance Planning and Training
  • Asset Management Planning

Service Contact

Kerry Corley, PCS, MCI

Industrial Coatings Department Manager

7000 Stinson-Hartis Road, Suite E, Indian Trail, NC 28079

Jeremy Haines

Coatings Operations Manager

7000 Stinson-Hartis Road, Suite E, Indian Trail, NC 28079