Service Overview

We understand how vital transportation infrastructure is for a community’s well-being. Our team’s responsive and innovative approaches aim to keep this infrastructure functional and safe through all-encompassing maintenance, inspection, monitoring, and reporting capabilities.

We know projects must be appropriately maintained to be resilient and impactful for our communities. We can be the partner to achieve that goal.

Roadbotics: Artificial Intelligence (AI), non-subjective Pavement Condition Software. We are a certified Partner offering this software assessment service as a standalone service or as a tool enhancing our ability to develop resurfacing and maintenance plans.

  • Data Collection
  • Map Creation
  • Integration
  • Assessment & Mapping Support Services.
  • GPS Location and GIS Mapping of Client Assets
  • Condition Assessments and Grading of Associated Assets
  • Recommendations for Repairs and Associated Cost Estimates
  • Contracting of Repair Needs Based on these Estimates
  • Disaster Recovery Response
  • Debris Monitoring
  • Snow/Ice Operations Assistance


  • Pavement Condition Assessments
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Asset Inventory
  • Asset Assessment
  • Emergency Response
  • Roadside Systems
  • Drainage Systems
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What is AgileAssets?

As a recognized partner with AgileAssets, Summit engineers and consultants are able to use AgileAssets software solutions and offer our professional services to help our current and future customers maximize the return on their infrastructure investments.

AgileAssets integrated asset lifecycle management solutions include advanced analytics for pavement, structures, road maintenance and safety and can be incorporated into our existing service offering. In fact, these services can be included as part of existing contracts with our client base.

Map from Agile Assets for the City of Raleigh

These are some of the benefits that our AgileAssets solutions bring to clients:

  •  Complete infrastructure asset lifecycle management
  •  Informed, data-driven decisions
  •  Optimized funding allocations across programs and asset types
  •  Optimal short-term & long-term strategies for maintenance, preservation, rehab. & replacement
  •  Maximized asset performance and return on investment
  •  Level-of-service and performance goals reached
  •  Improved and enhanced safety programs
  •  Regulatory standards and reporting requirements met
  •  Integration with legacy and third-party systems
  •  Improving service, value, and benefits to taxpayers

For more information on how you can introduce and offer these new service capabilities to your customer contacts, please contact Britt McCurry, PE at You can also learn more about AgileAssets on their website Follow them on TwitterLinkedInFacebook or YouTube to keep current with new information.

Service Contact

Britt McCurry, PE

Director of Strategic Asset Maintenance

320 Executive Court, Hillsborough, NC 27278

Scott Capps, PE

Transportation Maintenance Manager

320 Executive Court, Hillsborough, NC 27278