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Our construction and engineering maintenance management team understands how vital transportation infrastructure is for a community’s well-being. Our communities rely on the roads that bind us together, and we strive to keep that infrastructure healthy and functional. We approach each problem or challenge with an innovative and responsive mindset, developing solutions aimed at keeping our infrastructure functional and safe. Our all-encompassing approach to maintenance management, including our advanced inspection, monitoring, and reporting capabilities, accomplishes this goal.  

We know projects must be appropriately maintained to serve our communities, and maintenance management is the primary way to make that goal a reality. Through partnering with us, our clients can create the resilient, adaptive infrastructure that our modern worlds need to thrive.   

Maintenance Management Services

Assessing the condition of pavement is one of the primary goals of maintenance management. When providing this integral service, our team is able to identify maintenance priorities, establish estimated costs, and calculate the Pavement Condition Rating based on our thorough visual surveys of each road. We also provide technical reports summarizing all the information gathered from conducting these surveys.

Though it may seem odd, GIS Mapping is an integral part of roadway and maintenance management and is a large part of the services that we provide. Having access to GIS Mapping allows us to use data to help complete forms, surveys, maps, and other valuable tools, which assist with service integration.   

The data that we collect is stored in a GIS database, which becomes available for us to use in the field and reference wherever our technicians may be conducting work. By utilizing this data, we are able to help create maps, shape maintenance schedules, and conduct accurate, up-to-date assessments to further any maintenance management plans. GIS Mapping also contributes to our speed, accuracy, and efficiency at conducting surveys and assessments.  

Asset Inventory is the process of assessing the conditions of multiple infrastructure installations across an area. By using GPS Location and GIS Mapping, we can locate and provide assessment surveys of all assets within a client’s specified range. These assets could include bridges, greenways, guardrails, signs, or anything found with Right-of-Way.  

By maintaining these features, we can help develop a schedule for upgrading or improving these assets in a timely and efficient manner. If an asset requires work—whether that work is repairs, upgrades, or replacement—our maintenance management team can then establish cost estimates and contract out work based on the estimates provided. 

Emergencies happen. When they do, our maintenance management team is prepared to address them head-on, mitigating long-term damage and assisting with repairs to any damaged infrastructure. We are on call to provide necessary assistance to our clients during disaster recovery by monitoring debris, assessing damage, and assisting with weather-related operations (such as snow and ice related conditions) 


  • Pavement Condition Assessments for Roadways and Parking Lots
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Asset Inventory
  • Asset Assessment
  • Emergency Response
  • Roadside Systems
  • Drainage Systems
  • Sidewalk and Curb Ramp Assessments
  • Stormwater Inventory and Assessment
  • Contract Development
  • Contract Administration and Inspection

What is Payver?

Every day, millions of drivers take to the roads with their dashcams on and running. Utilizing the power of Artificial Intelligence, Payver puts that dashcam footage to work.

Payver technology allows Summit to detect roadside assets that require maintenance in near real-time, including fallen or leaning signs, roadside debris, and street lighting issues. This amazing technology has the ability to detect cracking automatically and provide PASER analysis and striping conditions, significantly reducing the amount of time it takes for our maintenance management team to assess roads throughout the Southeast.

Payver capabilities include:

  • Pavement Condition Assessment
  • GIS Mapping & GIS Database functions
  • Asset Inventory & Assessment
  • Automatic PASER Analysis
  • Rapid Emergency Response
  • Roadside & Drainage systems Assessment
  • Shortened Maintenance Response Times
  • Maximized asset performance and return on investment
Agile Assets Logo

What is AgileAssets?

As a recognized partner, Summit engineers and consultants can use AgileAssets software solutions alongside offering our professional services to help our current and future customers maximize the return on their infrastructure investments.

AgileAssets integrated asset lifecycle management solutions include advanced analytics for pavement, structures, road maintenance, and safety and can be incorporated into our existing service offering. These services can be included as part of existing contracts with our client base.

Map from Agile Assets for the City of Raleigh

These are some of the benefits that our AgileAssets solutions bring to clients:

  •  Complete infrastructure asset lifecycle management
  •  Informed, data-driven decisions
  •  Optimized funding allocations across programs and asset types
  • Optimal short-term & long-term strategies for maintenance, preservation, rehab, and replacement
  •  Maximized asset performance and return on investment
  •  Level-of-service and performance goals reached
  •  Improved and enhanced safety programs
  •  Regulatory standards and reporting requirements met
  •  Integration with legacy and third-party systems
  •  Improving service, value, and benefits to taxpayers

For more information on how you can introduce and offer these new service capabilities to your customer contacts, please get in touch with Britt McCurry, PE, at You can also learn more about AgileAssets on their website, Follow them on TwitterLinkedInFacebook, or YouTube to keep current with new information.

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