Service Overview

Geotechnical Specialists that Understand Your Sites Geology, Every Time.

A project’s foundation is the key to its resiliency. With thousands of regional site evaluations and years of experience in the field, Summit’s geotechnical engineering team is more than ready to provide the knowledge and expertise needed to establish that foundation.

Our highly experienced geotechnical engineers, geologists, and drillers can provide comprehensive geotechnical engineering services to any project you may have, ensuring that your project has a reliable base to build upon.   

Collaboration is a crucial component of our work. We consult with multi-disciplinary experts and invest in innovative tools which allow us to discover issues, address concerns, and deliver expert recommendations that ensure your project is cost-effective and secure. The success and safety of a project are critical—that’s why we work to provide evaluations that give our clients the peace of mind and assurance of safety they need so that their projects can thrive. 

Transportation Services

Geotechnical Engineering Services for Transportation are the core of our department. We have extensive experience working on projects that have shaped, improved, and redefined how our communities connect.   

One of our longest-running business relationships is our partnership with the NCDOT. Summit has provided over thirteen years of ongoing Geotechnical Engineering services to the NC Department of Transportation.  Our engineering and support personnel ensure the Department’s expectations for geotechnical engineering field investigations, inventory preparation, recommendations, and foundation design services are met.  

Our qualified staff includes professional geotechnical engineers, professional geologists, CADD operators, and drilling personnel. We also maintain laboratory and field equipment, allowing us to provide timely, accurate, and credible geotechnical engineering solutions for the NCDOT (as well as any other state’s Department of Transportation). 

Private Client Services

The beginning stages of a project are crucial for maintaining both timelines and budgets. Our team understands the necessity of providing an accurate and thorough evaluation the first time, every time, so that these goals can be met with assurance.   

Communication is vital to ensuring a project remains on track. Our team’s diverse geotechnical skillset can adapt to various project types and environmental requirements. Because of this, we can identify potential challenges early and work proactively to resolve them alongside our clients. This collaboration is crucial to providing accurate, reliable evaluations that keep your project’s delivery on budget and on time.   

Drilling Services

Summit’s Drilling staff has extensive experience drilling across North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. We are equipped to handle even the most challenging terrain within our core region, from the deep, mud-rotary drilling required in the Coastal Plain to auguring and rock coring in the Piedmont region. Whether you need on-road services or off-road drilling, we can get it done. 


  • Subsurface Drilling & Evaluations
  • Roadway Foundation Design & Investigation
  • Structure Foundation Design & Investigation
  • Retaining Wall Design & Investigation
  • Pavement Design Investigation
  • Ground Improvement Design
  • Slope Stability Analysis
  • Soil Test Boring
  • Strength of Subgrades
  • Dam Investigation, Evaluation & Design
  • Current Conditions Assessments
  • Verification of Soils
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

Our Team’s Geotechnical Engineering Experience

With thousands of previous evaluations conducted, you can rely on Summit to provide thorough, accurate evaluations of your site. We maintain three in-house drill rigs and a dedicated team of specialists, all so that we can provide the experts and tools you need to get your project off the ground.  

We can mobilize a professional team anywhere in the region, bringing your project the specialized tools and expertise most appropriate for your project’s site and goals. Our accessibility will be your asset.   

We also maintain a state-of-the-art AASHTO and CCRL-certified testing lab. Soil is our forte; we can uncover anything and everything you need to understand your project’s job site.   


Combined Years of Geotechnical Engineering Experience


Combined Years of Drilling Experience

Technical Capabilities

We possess the technology to support any or all of the projects the County needs. Our Geotechnical Department has three individual rigs and teams ready to mobilize, as well as the following equipment to use at your request:

  • Drilling Rig (CME 450)
  • Drilling Rig (CME 550x)
  • Drilling Rig (D-50)
  • Hollow stem drilling equipment
  • Mud-rotary drilling
  • Rock coring
  • Shelby tubes
  • Piezometers
  • Boring hole plugs and grouts

Methods, Approach, and Controls

Field Exploration Planning

Our team’s approach involves reviewing available geotechnical and geological maps and literature relevant to the site. We mark the locations of proposed borings and notify NC One-call to properly locate utilities in public spaces pertinent to the project site.

Subsurface Evals & Field Work

Our subsurface exploration process includes performing preliminary borings and one soil test boring within the building footprint. For seismic classification, this test will be advanced down to 100’ or until rock refusal, whichever comes first.

Subsurface Report

Our subsurface reports include, but are not limited to: A vicinity map and site plan showing the boring locations; boring logs; foundation recommendations; soil determinations; slab-on-grade recommendations; discussions of general subsurface conditions.

Service Contact

Steve Fenton Headshot

Steve Fenton, PE, MSI

CMT/SI & Geotechnical Engineering Department Manager

320 Executive Court, Hillsborough, NC 27278