Service Overview

Bringing nature’s beauty and brilliance into your project’s design.

Our team of landscape architects dedicate themselves to beautiful, functional, and sustainable landscape designs. We use a signature design approach to ensure that the landscapes we design for our clients are site-specific and meet every project’s unique needs. Our work enhances our client’s quality of life by developing purposeful and resilient connections to nature, enhancing their vision and creating a lasting impact.  

Our team’s passion for integrating the natural environment into modern projects drives our landscape designs. We offer the full scope of landscape architectural services associated with this task, such as planning, design, and development. We have firsthand knowledge of the implementation and management of design processes, making us qualified to develop beautiful and uplifting aesthetic plans for municipalities and private interests alike. 


  • Site Analysis
  • Master Planning
  • Campus Design
  • Park/Greenway Design
  • Roof Gardens
  • Urban Streetscape and Plaza Design
  • Land Planning

Our Signature Design Approach

Our team utilizes a distinct Signature Design Approach when engaging in landscape design and architecture that sets us apart from other firms. We combine current research and evidence-based design practices, carefully curating our approach to every project. Because we center client feedback in our design process, we are able to ensure that innovative, beautiful, and functional landscape designs are delivered both on time and within budget.

1. Listening/Learning (Deep Discovery)

We take a holistic approach to project development and design. Because of this, our first step in any project is listening to and consulting with our clients. We develop a comprehensive understanding of the site, budget, and client goals by asking questions before drawing a single line.

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2. Visioning Collaboration

Every unique project requires a clear vision. Therefore, our second step in the design process is collaborating with our clients to arrive at the right concept for their needs. We ensure that their input is always considered so that we can deliver a product that meets their needs both functionally and aesthetically.

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3. Innovative Design

We strive to stay on top of the new research and information that becomes available throughout the design process. As a result, we can combine cutting-edge ideas with our depth of experience to create innovative and elegant design solutions.

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4. Strategic Project Management

The design process can undoubtedly be complex, fluid, and changeable. To avoid miscommunication, Summit keeps the client informed throughout the project’s lifespan. We work to clearly define any processes and deliverables so that our results are within budget and on time. 

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5. Effective Implementation

Our people are our greatest asset. Together, we have the diverse skills necessary to shepherd your project from concept to completion. From architecture to site design to engineering, we have the breadth of experience and professional expertise to successfully implement projects of any scale.

Service Contact

Tim Guadagno

Landscape Architecture Operations Manager

3301 Benson Drive Suite 400 Raleigh, NC 27609

Brandon Johnson, PE

Civil Engineering Department Manager

3301 Benson Drive Suite 400 Raleigh, NC 27609