Project Description

We are providing traffic engineering services for the Signal System Upgrade project located in Gastonia, North Carolina. This project includes thirteen existing City-owned signalized intersections, thirteen existing CCTV cameras, and the recommendation of new CCTV camera locations.

Our team is responsible for inventorying existing signals and existing CCTV cameras, which includes gathering physical locations, equipment, electrical service arrangement, existing conduit entrances, existing fiber optic cable slack storage, existing risers, existing foundation configuration and orientation, and any non-standard aesthetic decorations being used.

Once the inventory was completed, our team compiled and summarized the data in order for it to be used on the project website. The City then identified specific locations for installing new CCTV traffic surveillance. Our team visited each site to determine whether or not it was possible to install a camera on the existing signal pole or if a new CCTV pole would be required. After identifying the proposed sites, we provided bucket truck surveys of each location to investigate the feasibility of installing a separate CCTV pole.

We also provided utility coordination, preliminary plans, system block diagram schematic sheets, and cable routing sheets for any new fiber-optic drop cables.

Project Details

Project Size

13 Signalized Intersections, 13 CCTV Cameras

Project Location

Gastonia, NC

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