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The Town of Cape Carteret selected our planning department to update their comprehensive and CAMA land use plans. The CAMA and Comprehensive plan must satisfy the objectives and criteria of both the Coastal Area Management Act (CAMA) Land Use Planning Requirements and the elements of a comprehensive plan as required by NCGS Chapter 160D-501.

This plan is based on a community vision and includes elements ranging from a visionary future land use scenario to strategies to mitigate future storm events and project water quality. This plan will act as a guide for land use decision-making efforts and funding priorities over a twenty-year period for the Town. The overall goals of this land use plan are to ensure that future development is in alignment with the community’s vision and does not cause harm to the natural environment, ensure that Cape Carteret reaches its best and brightest future, create alignment among community stakeholders about goals and expectations, ensure that the Town is prepared for future weather events of increased intensity, create a better understanding of the land use planning process, and to create a document that is accessible and usable by all stakeholders.

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2.614 mi²

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Cape Carteret, NC

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