Project Description

Our team is providing multiple services for the Junction Road Subdivision project located in Durham, North Carolina, including land development, surveying and geomatics, construction materials testing, and geotechnical engineering. The span of this project currently includes 90 lots.

The land development team will prepare documents for rezoning, a site plan, construction documents, and permits. Desired hardscape, landscape, utility infrastructures, and stormwater management elements are all included in the site plan documents for the project.

The City of Durham has a specific checklist for project close-out, so once the site is completed, our team will conduct a certification of compliance for utilities and stormwater devices, including:

  • Stormwater treatment device (SCM) as-built review, inspection, and certification
  • Stormwater calculations and modeling for the certification report to verify the SCM was constructed in accordance with regulations and approved construction drawings.
  • Observation of water main testing requirements, including flushing hydrostatic testing, and a review of bacteriological tests.
  • Observation of sewer testing requirements, including a low-pressure air test of the sewer main, a deflection test of the sewer main, and manhole air tests.
  • Review of sewer and storm drainage video(s)

Project Details

Project Size

90 Lots

Project Location

Durham, NC

Project Type


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