Project Description

This project included the construction of a new divided roadway that would extend McCrimmon Parkway from Airport Boulevard in the west to Aviation Parkway in the east. This extension was constructed to reduce traffic congestion during peak commute hours.

Our team provided construction surveying services for this project. The specific tasks completed include:

  • Verifying site controls as provided by the plans and maintaining vertical controls for the site layout.
  • Staking 18,000 LF for clearing/fencing.
  • Providing a digital terrain model.
  • Staking 33,000 LF of curb and 2,500 LF of monolithic islands.
  • Staking structures or pipe ends and 2,000 LF at 50′ intervals for blasting.

Project Details

Project Size

18,000 LF

Project Location

Morrisville, NC

Project Type


Services We Provided

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