Project Description

We were selected by the Mid-Atlantic Broadband Communities Corporation (MBC) to provide engineering services on an On-Call basis for any needed projects. We have provided Traffic/ITS services along with Civil Engineering, CEI, and Planning services.

Currently, our team has worked on nine (9) different Task/Work Orders for this project including some of the ones listed below:

Fire Tower Lane – Drakes Branch, VA
This Task/Work Order included engineering work for an estimated build distance of ~1,000 feet where two 1.5″ conduits would be placed.

Hillcrest to Powell Road
This Task/Work Order included our surveying team providing stake boundaries along Powell Road to form a corridor from Powell Road to a Microsoft site.

1325 Skippers Road – Emporia, VA
This Task/Work Order included the location of utilities along Skipper Road, which included ~995 linear feet.

VA-58 over I-85 – South Hill, VA
This Task/Work Order included providing structural support for broadband conduit crossing VA-58 over I-85 in South Hill, VA.

Project Details

Project Size

Various – Depended on Task/Work Order

Project Location

Various Locations in VA

Project Type


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