Project Description

As the Architect for this project, our team reviewed and documented the existing conditions that were present at 10000 Brighton Road in Henderson, Colorado in conjunction with the Owner’s desired architectural and interior design program.

This review process was to assess the overall feasibility of future modifications and/or additions to the space for the Complete Trailers Colorado sales center.

The services to assess feasibility included:

  • Evaluation of existing land-use documentation to ascertain the developable limitations on the subject property causing effect on proposed building or site additions and modifications.
  • Consideration of the Owner’s desired future design program with respect to land-use planning and zoning documents recorded on the premises.
  • Assistance with schematic site planning and architectural design for the modification and/or addition to the existing, approximately, 1,600 square-foot sales and service building.
  • Assistance to the Owner with generating the new architectural program for the building retro-fit and/or future addition.
  • Consideration of the Owner’s desired future design program with respect to the International Code Council (ICC) code series and Amendments as adopted by ordinance and currently in force with Adams County.
  • Assistance to the Owner with the Adams County jurisdictional requirements as required to entitle or permit any proposed development or improvements to the subject property.

Project Details

Project Size

+1,600 SF

Project Location

Henderson, CO

Project Type


Services We Provided

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