Project Description

As part of an overarching effort to renovate the entire campus, Durham Academy constructed a new Upper School Science Building and a new Middle Schools Arts and Language Building. Our team provided surveying and geomatics, geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing, and drilling services.

Our surveying and geomatics services included construction staking and layout for both buildings on the campus. The confined work area, demolition, and crowded working conditions required frequent re-establishment of the survey control and close coordination with other subcontractors to minimize time lost to work obstructions and the loss of survey control points.

The tasks for our construction materials testing (CMT) and geotechnical engineering teams included providing geotechnical observation and testing services during site work and grading, utility trench backfill, wetlands construction, shallow foundation observations, and subgrade preparation and compaction for grade slabs. Compaction testing was also completed following grading. Our CMT team also provided a Special Inspections Agent for full-time inspection, sampling, and field testing services during the placement of the structural concrete for foundations, grade slabs, elevated slabs, and hardscapes.

Project Details

Project Size

15,638 SF Phase 1 Building
7,452 SF Phase 2 Building

Project Location

Durham, NC

Project Type


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