Project Description

Summit’s Traffic and ITS Systems team played a large role in the modernization and expansion of the City of Durham’s computerized traffic signal system, which includes 387 signals. For 20 locations, we prepared signal designs and electrical details for new controllers (2070 LX) that made it possible to increase the platform’s performance and accuracy.

We also prepared traffic signal and CCTV camera cabinet inventories and designed the entire proposed CCTV digital camera system for 127 locations, including the system’s required video wall. In addition, we prepared the CCTV Site Study Report and performed QA/QC reviews on utility make-ready plans, construction plans, and specifications.

We also developed emergency vehicle preemption wiring details for the City’s new GPS-based preemption system. This system allows emergency vehicles to pass through intersections more safely by communicating their GPS location to the traffic signals. This work helped emergency vehicles move more effectively through high-traffic areas while preventing commuter accidents or collisions. Additionally, the 2070LX controllers installed allow specific corridors within Durham to communicate traffic information to autonomous cars, which allows automobile manufacturers to use those corridors for tests and research.

Project Details

Project Size

387 Signals

Project Location

Durham, NC

Project Type

Traffic/ITS Systems

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