Project Description

We led the engineering design to rehabilitate 10 miles of interstate in Warren County that stretched to the Virginia state line. As the prime for the team, we provided all roadway design, design coordination, and project management, and we managed sub-consultant services for hydraulic/drainage and transportation management plan (TMP) design. We also developed the construction phasing for the project that carried through TMP design. Further, we assisted NCDOT in coordinating VDOT approval of plans, development, and approval of contract provisions and the state-to-state agreement. The project featured an unbonded concrete overlay of the existing pavement with upgrades to the roadway profile, super-elevation, and drainage along the facility.

Our design enhanced and improved the corridor. We started with improvements to the substandard typical section criteria and then improved drainage conditions along the corridor. Lastly, we designed the realignment of an existing on-ramp to lengthen the acceleration lane and taper. These improvements increased the road’s safety and usability for the daily commuter.

Project Details

Project Size

10 Miles

Project Location

Warren County, NC

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