Project Description

The RDU Taxiway B Rehabilitation project was undertaken to entirely demolish and replace the northern half of Taxiway B and the adjacent holding pad, with thirty-foot wide asphalt shoulders added to replace the grass shoulders.

Surveying services included the construction layout and staking. construction verification surveys and horizontal and vertical control surveys are needed to support the contracted services.

Layout and staking services were provided for the LOD, electrical fixtures (taxiway lights, edge lights, wig-wag lights, signs), taxiway markings, stormwater system changes, taxiway pavement, and shoulder pavement. Grade verification services were provided for the subgrade, base/subbase, and pavement of the taxiway, holding pad, and shoulders. Layout and grade verification services were performed by the governing FAA specifications. Distinguishing characteristics of the project included:

  • Federal (DoHS/FAA) security regulations are in effect for the project site.
  • The project site is embedded in a busy international airport.
  • Nighttime work is necessary for areas inaccessible during the day.
  • Sustained 6-day, and often 7-day, working weeks.
  • High positional accuracy requirements (needed to meet FAA positional tolerances)
  • High data volumes and frequent reporting requirements
  • Very close collaboration between field and office staff

Project Details

Project Size

Northern Half of Taxiway B

Project Location

Wake County, NC

Project Type


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