Project Description

Located in the heart of Hillsborough’s historic downtown, 122 W. King Street has played many roles over the years. The building was initially constructed between 1910 and 1920, and it served as an undertaker’s establishment and—a bit oddly—as a meat market. In the 1930s, it was turned into a downtown movie theater, but by the 50s, the establishment was altered to become a commercial retail space. Our design team restored the building to its authentic theater appearance while upfitting it into a new restaurant.

To execute this project with the best tools at our disposal, we completed a High Definition 3D Laser Scan Survey of the outside and inside of the building with our Leica Scanstation P40 HDS. All building attributes were registered with Lecia Cyclone software and uploaded to Leica Jetstream as an existing conditions model. After that, data processing and cleanup took about four hours. Our architecture team used the point cloud data from the survey scan to accurately inform their creative designs, which turned into a new restaurant in downtown Hillsborough.

3D Laser Scan of the Pre-Existing Conditions

Project Details

Project Size

2,450 SF

Project Location

Hillsborough, NC

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